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Romance and Clubbing

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Romance and Clubbing

One of the most popular reasons for going to a nightclub, other than to unwind, relax and hang out with friends, is to try to meet someone you might start a spark with. For some people; however, this seems to be an elusive effort. If you find that you simply aren’t having much luck in the romance department at the local club, read on for tips to help you get started.

First, it is important to understand that part of the problem could be where you’re hanging out at the bar. If you see someone you’re interested in it won’t do you much luck if you’re stuck in an area of the bar where you can’t easily maneuver so you can go over and meet them. Mobility is the key here. It is also important to maintain a location that offers good visibility. Avoid corner booths because not only do they not offer much in the way of visibility but they also tend to land lock you. Even if you did happen to see someone that interested you there isn’t much chance you would be able to casually make your way over to them before someone else acts on the same idea. If you’re looking for romance at the club, it is imperative that you keep an eye on where you’re hanging out.

Another good way to maximize your romantic possibilities is to make sure that you have formed a rapport with the bartender. Offer to buy him or her a shot just to cement that friendship. This will insure you get faster service and the next time you want to buy that special someone a drink it will be much easier to impress them.
Although pickup lines tend to be popular, they usually don’t work and for a very good reason. They’re lame. Leave them at home and focus on having a good sense of humor instead. Most people will appreciate the refreshing difference between you and everyone else in the bar who is offering the same canned lines.

If you do feel you need an icebreaker to get started, comment on the music or the drinks or something similar; preferably in a humorous manner. Humor is your best asset in the club scene when you’re looking for romance. Another excellent approach is to ask the person you are interested in to settle a question you were discussing with a friend. Using spontaneity, humor and confidence can go a long way here.

The worst thing you can do when you’re trying to meet someone in a club is to come on to strong. This is especially true with the world being what it is. Coming on too strong too fast will get you all the wrong results. There is a lot to be said for subtlety as long as you’re mixing in a little humor to make sure that you get noticed in all the right ways. Avoid trying to be a show-off or acting like you’re the coolest person in the club. Most people see through that kind of behavior anyway and will duck the other way just to avoid you.

It is also important to make sure that you exercise good manners. Having confidence is one thing, displaying aggression is another. The only thing that is likely to get you is a one way trip out the door via the bouncer. Be charming, nice and polite. Remember the old adage that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. By taking the time to practice these tips you’ll be better prepared to find romance the next time you hit the clubs.